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Early booking

Book before 28/02/2011 and enjoy 20% discount for stay periods:
29/04/2011-13/05/2011 & 08/10/2011-31/10/2011

Book before 28/02/2011 and enjoy 10% discount for stay periods:
14/05/2011-22/07/2011 & 27/08/2011-07/10/2011

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First child stays free!

Birikos Hotel welcomes children! That's why the first child - till the age of 12 - stays for free


Contact Birikos Hotel

Choose your way to reach us and let us take care of the details to ensure that your stay in Agios Prokopios, Naxos will become a unique experience. For reservations you may:

Call: +30 22850 41654
(winter ) +30 22850 25474

Fax on: (+30 22850) 41583

Mobile : + 30 694 83 33 527

Our adress is
Naxos Island - Agios Prokopios, P.C. 84300

Contact Sales Manager by email:

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About Naxos Island - Naxos Island General Information

Naxos combines the characteristic colors of the Cycladic islands with a perfect climate and beautiful natural elements.

Naxos is a perfect Greek island vacation, for those who love touring and exploring. There are numerous sites to be seen such as :the archeological museum of Naxos, the temple of Apollo, the famous statues (3) called Kouros in Apollonas and Kournochori, the sanctuary of Demeter and Apollo in Sagri, the isolated castles throughout Naxos island. To experience Naxos you shoud take a walk through the Old Naxos Town.

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Useful Links on Naxos
Municipality of Naxos - Chora: 22717, 22712

Police Station of Chora:
Tel: +30 22850 22100, 23280

Naxos Hotels

Naxos Hoteliers Association

Naxos Banks
National Bank: 22187, 23053, 22188
Commercial Bank: 22209, 26145, 22381
Eurobank: 26025, 26030, 23406
Alpha Bank: 22992, 22994, 26101
Piraeus Bank: 26771, 26770, 26775
Laiki Bank: 26871, 29290, 29103

Post Office (hours of operation 07.20 14.00 Monday to Friday): +30 22850 22211

Naxos Fire Department:
Tel: +30 22850 32199
el: 22850-32899
Fax: 22850-32899

Naxos Rent A Car
Karabatsis Tours

Greek Electrical Company (D.E.I):
Tel: +30 22850 22214, 22267, 24544

Athens Olympic Airways: Tel: 801 1144444

Naxos Airport:
Tel: +30 22850 23292

Athens International airport El. Venizelos:
Tel: +30 210 3530000
Olympic Airways (local office on Naxos Island)
Tel: +30 22850 23043

Public Bus Station (KTEL): Tel: +30 22850 22291

Taxi: 22444, 24331

Naxos Weather Station:
Tel: +30 22850 22465


Agios Prokopios Hotels - Naxos Island Hotels - Greece


Birikos Hotel in Agios Prokopios - naxos ,welcomes you to one of the finest beaches of Greece, Agios Prokopios beach in Naxos Island.

Birikos Hotel in Agios Prokopios is a family-run business, founded in 1983.

Spectacular scenery, stunning sunsets awaits you at Greece's most popular destination, Agios Prokopios beach, in Naxos island.

Nature at its best combined with Birikos Hotel in Agios Prokopios, service and hospitality add up to a unique holiday experience. All rooms have private balconies, surrounded by palm trees just a few steps away from Agios Prokopios beach.

All units are tastefully decorated to reflect the traditional Naxos ambience and the cycladic spirit. We in Birikos Hotel in Agios Prokopios were founded on a vision to create a unique holiday experience for our guests.

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios, a fabulous 4km long beach was voted as the 3rd best beach throughout Greece due to its marvellously crystal clear water and the great quality of sand, mostly composed of rice sized grains of creamy marble.

In Agios Prokopios there is a wide choice of seaside restaurants, tavernas and bars, plus several mini-markets, cash point, exchange, travel agents, car rental- bike - motorbike hire facilities, laundry shops and a pharmacy.

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Naxos News

The carnival parade , Labadidromies and Dionysia took place on Naxos Island.

The carnival season in Greece is also known as the Apokries (Greek: , or the season of the "Opening of the Triodion", so named after the liturgical book used by the church from then until the Holy Week. One of the season's high points is Tsiknopempt? ("Smoke Thursday"), when celebrants enjoy roast beef dinners at taverns or friends' homes; the ritual is repeated the following Sunday. On Naxos Apokries was celebrated on the villages offering with dancing and singing. Each village follows its respective traditions with traditional music and dancing.

Naxos island celebrates like every year Apokries. You may dance and drink local wine to the traditional rythmes of the island. All around Naxos villages are festivals especially on Sundya 26th. Apiranthos, Agersani, Kourounochori, Glinado will all have traditional music and local food.

On Friday 24 February Methidoteia will take place on Naxos Town, on Saturday February 25th Lampadiforia (were people dressed with sheets, painted black faces will be going up to Portara with lightened torches. And the carnival on February 26th will take place in Naxos Town.



Agios Prokopios News


Easter on Naxos

Easter (Greek: Paskha) is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Some Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday), two days after Good Friday and three days after Maundy Thursday.Easter also refers to the season of the church year called Eastertide or the Easter Season. Traditionally the Easter Season lasted for the forty days from Easter Day until Ascension Day but now officially lasts for the fifty days until Pentecost. The first week of the Easter Season is known as Easter Week or the Octave of Easter. Easter also marks the end of Lent, a season of fasting, prayer, and penance.

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Accomodation in Agios Prokopios

Birikos hotel in Agios Prokopios offers guests a wide variety of rooms and suites to suit both desires and budget. All units are tastefully decorated to reflect the traditional Naxos ambience.

Equipped with all modern facilities, Birikos hotel in Agios Prokopios in Naxos island promises to offer world-class hospitality and personalized services to tourists visiting Greece. It offers unparalleled services to leisure travelers. Birikos Resort can be termed havens of luxury, comfort and coziness, satisfying every possible need.

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Entertainment in Agios Prokopios

In Agios Prokopios you can enjoy wind surfing, beach sports, mountain biking, scuba diving, horse riding and water fun.

Naxos is full of dozens of dirt roads and trades and small, asphalted roads that offer unique routes for cycling enthuasiasts.

People who love to explore will find Naxos a paradise!

Diving in Agios Prokopios
Make it real, in the crystal clear waters of Agios Prokopios!

Windsurf in Agios Prokopios
Here in Agios Prokopios you will find the magical mix of waist-deep lagoon and waves, as well as an equipped windsurf center.
Click here to check the wind in Agios Prokopios.

Horse Riding in Agios Prokopis
Holiday on horseback offers the opportunity for an exciting adventure and the chance to get to parts of Naxos Island tha you normally wouldn't see.

Water fun park in Agios Prokopios
Starting at 9 in the morning up to 19:00 in the evening. A great place to have fun with your children.

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Naxos Attractions

The Gate, Naxos Town
Agias Tower - Abraam beach
Tower of Barozzi - Gratsia
Chimmaros Tower, near Filoti village

Kalamitsia Melanes Village

kalamitsia melanes

Kouros Statue Apollonas
Kouros Statue Flerio
Zas Cave Filoti
Apalirou Castle - Sagri
Dimitras Temple - Sagri
dimitras temple naxos

naxos map
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Useful phone numbers in Naxos

Code for Greece +0030

  • City Hall Naxos Town Tel: 2285022717

  • Police Station Naxos Town (near Saint George beach) Tel:-2285023280

  • Coast Guard Naxos Tel: 2285022300

  • Medical Center Naxos Tel:2285023333

  • Bus Station Naxos Town Tel:2285022291

  • Taxi Naxos - Mobile : + 30 6947744883


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